ABC 7 Sports Internship Blog (weeks 7-8)

Week 7 June 27- July 3, 2016


On Monday I almost had a chance to conduct an interview with Elena Della Donne, star of the Chicago Sky. I went with a photographer named Kevin to a kids camp Delle Donne was sponsoring, intent on asking her about the camp and about her selection to the US. Olympic women’s basketball team. However we came late and was told by her media rep that we couldn’t talk to her without calling ahead and arranging it. In the end we only got some b-roll of the camp. While I was disappointed that I missed this opportunity, I wasn’t dissuaded, knowing that another opportunity would present itself in the future. I also had an opportunity to talk to Kevin, a veteran of the news business, about his experiences with on-air talents and reporters. He talked about how reporters conduct themselves when dealing with emotionally charged and delicate situations. While talking to Kevin, I realized that many of the lessons that I learned about news reporting at school indeed carried over to the real world. It made me feel somewhat better prepared that I knew how do things the right way and I took pride in the fact that I learned these skills at Michigan State University.

On Wednesday, I went out of the office again to get Sox pre-game I got to see Melky Cabrera’s translator speak to the media. I also got to see White Sox announcer Jason Bennetti walk around and talk. While I did not get to speak to him personally I was amazed how he managed to do his job so well while contending with Cerebral Palsy. He is a perfect example of how the brain is the most important asset to a broadcaster and that all it takes to make it in this business is a good mind and a good personality. Hopefully our paths will cross again so that I may introduce myself.

Saturday was an easy 6-hour day of logging baseball games. I talked with Dionne Miller and set up a potential day to shadow her while doing sideline at a Cubs game next Thursday. I just have to get it approved by Director Larry Snyder and we are good to go. A good end to a good week.


Week 8 July 4-10, 2016


I didn’t work on Monday due to it being 4th of July; my directors were gracious enough to give me the day off. I understand however that when I start in the real world I will probably not have the luxury to take off holidays. Sports never stop. Wednesday was my first official day of this week. Pretty normal by most standards, logged both baseball games and helped out the camera man (Pat Keating) with White Sox pre-game by holding the microphone. It was scorching hot weather at the ballpark and we had to spend most of the time right in the sun to get shots of Sox pitcher Chris Sale (who was selected to the All Star Game) throwing some pitches.

Thursday I got the opportunity to shadow Dionne Miller as she did sideline for a Cubs game. I was impressed by how much research she did before the game and even during the times she was not on air she was taking game notes and listening to the broadcast live. That is something I will defiantly take with me going forward. The game itself was long and drawn out, we had an hour and a half rain delay and played two full extra innings. The game was originally slated to start at 7:10 pm and by the time it ended it was well after midnight. But it is part of the job, and if you are going to do this job well you have to be ready to deal with the long & hard days as well as the easy ones. A big highlight of my shadow was the opportunity I had to meet Len Kasper, play-by-play voice of the Chicago Cubs! We didn’t have much time to chat, but it was nice to meet him and make that connection to a fellow play-by-play broadcaster. I might have been channeling him a little bit while I was sitting along the 3rd base line with Dionne calling the game in my head.

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