ABC 7 Sports Internship Blog (weeks 3-4)

Week 3 May 30-June 5, 2016


I did not work on Monday (Memorial Day) Both Mark and Mike gave me the day off. Wednesday I came in early at 12:00 to log the White Sox game that started at 12:10. It was the third straight day I have come in earlier then the usual start time of 2:00 pm. That being said I do not mind. I do this willingly because I know I have a job to do and I want to fulfill it the to best of my ability, even if that means putting in a few more hours of work. That is the difference between being a professional and being an hourly worker. On Wednesday I worked a 10 hour-long shift. During that time I logged two baseball games, the first half of a women’s basketball game and the overtime period of a hockey game. It was a long, and at times stressful, day but very rewarding by the end of it.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I came in at 1:00 to log the Cubs game. Afterwards I hustled over to Wrigley field to assist with Cubs post-game. Post-game went smoothly, got a few sound bites from some players handled the media ball well and things went off without a hitch. I feel quite comfortable with the “media ball” of microphones surrounding a player. I had an introduction to media balls covering hockey at MSU and while this is on a whole different level, I have yet to have an issue of getting boxed out or getting too close to someone.

After Cubs- post game I traveled back to Soldier Field to help a cameraman with covering a gala event put on by the Chicago Bears. I helped him identify several key members of the Bears front office to get some shots of. It was kind of annoying that the event staff made us leave after only 45 minutes and before most of the players arrived.


Week 4 June 6-June 12, 2016


Monday was just another typical day of logging games and press conferences. I did the Team USA press conference as they prepared for their next game in the Copa America. The baseball game was a Cubs game, which the North-siders won 6-4. I got an opportunity to see first hand how Mark preps for watch segment, going over the package, writing notes, and testing it for time. It made me appreciate how much effort goes in to each minute of airtime on the news.

Wednesday was another standard day. I logged two baseball games, one in the beginning of the day when I first came in, and one in the latter part of the day. Over the course of my almost four weeks at this internship I have noticed that the workplace environment is quite different from what I am used to. Back at Michigan State, I worked at the local WKAR TV and radio station. The environment there was very welcoming and friendly. My contributions were always welcomed and applauded and I was made to feel like an important member by the team from both the talent and the production staff. Here at WLS, it is a bit different. The staff itself is quite friendly with each other but my place is outside of that. I am the intern, plain and simple. It is far more business likes here then I had anticipated. At times my over eagerness to work and contribute sometimes “gets in the way” so to speak. An example is that I reveal a key stat or a good cut away I found during the game. There have been times were I have tried to tell either Mark Giangreco or Mike Johnson the producer and they told me that they were busy at the moment. Where as last year at WKAR in East Lansing, such a remark would be met with an immediate “yes that’s great” or “no we don’t really need that, thanks though”. I’m not saying that my experiences so far during this internship are negative. It is just a new type of environment that I have to adjust to and a balancing act that I must master. I feel that learning to adapt to a different type of workplace environment may be the biggest lesson that I learn from this internship.

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